Introducing go-newznab

July 21, 2016

a newznab XML API client for Go (golang)

See the source code on GitHub (LICENSE)

Documentation on GoDoc

newznab is a common usenet indexing application that is deployed all across the web. It provides a web accessible API for many of the functions. For this project I took some of the most important pieces of that functionality and exposed them through a Golang library.

newznab logo

This library allows you to connect to your preferred usenet indexer (that uses newznab or a newznab compatible interface), and do simple things like search for tv shows and movies. It also allows you to view comments on those entries, and download the corresponding .nzb files.

Working with the newznab API was at times challenging, and as any modern programmer will attest, XML is a pain in the ass. The code required to parse the API XML responses includes too much complexity for my tastes, but this is a necessary burden.

As always, when dealing with any file sharing technology, it is up to the user to ensure that he works within the boundaries of the laws that pertain to him. I do not in any way endorse or encourage copyright infringement, and am not responsible for the use of this library to do such.

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